Choose your plan

$100 /month


"For the majority of businesses seeking to optimize system operations..."

Entry-level support on desktop support:

- In-house analytics platform

- Chat support available

- Enhance hashtag usage

- Unlimited user access

$480 /month


"For the majority of businesses seeking to optimize system operations, Network Support and Printing Services"

Premium support level on desktop support, network administration, and printing services:

- 24/7 personalized assistance for desktop, network, and printing needs

- Proactive monitoring and management of desktop and network infrastructure

- Rapid response times for critical issues, ensuring minimal downtime

- Advanced troubleshooting and resolution for complex technical problems

- Customized printing solutions, including optimization of print environments and management of print queues

- Regular performance assessments and recommendations for continuous improvement

- Dedicated account management and priority access to expert support personnel

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